ICFP Programming Contest 2018


Register a contest team to obtain a team-specific private identifier.

To be considered for prizes, within two hours of end of the contest, teams must update their profile with complete team information and submit the URL and SHA256 checksum of a single .zip archive with their source code, a README.txt file (brief directions for judges to build/run the solution; description of the solution approach; feedback about the contest; etc.), and any other supporting materials.

Only the Team Private ID is required and only fields of the profile to be added/updated need to be completed. After submitting, the form will be updated with the currently recorded values for all fields. (Note: A team can view their current profile by submitting with only the team private identifier.)

(Required for final profile.)

(Required for final profile; comma-separated list of 3-letter country codes.)

(Required for final profile; comma-separated list.)

(Optional; homepages will be published after the end of the contest.)

(Required for final profile.)

(Required for final profile.)

Alternative Method

For teams wishing to automate profile updates, the following curl command template can be used:

The response will be a JSON object with a "result" key having the value "success" or "failure". If the "result" key has the value "failure", then the JSON object will have a "msg" key having a string value describing the error. If the "result" key has the value "success", then the JSON object will have additional keys each with string values.