ICFP Programming Contest 2018


By registering, contestants and teams agree to the rules and regulations governing the ICFP Programming Contest 2018.

Each team should register exactly once during the contest by providing a team name and a team e-mail address. (Team names and e-mail addresses can be changed after registering by updating a team’s profile.) Registering a team will generate a team-specific public identifier (a 4-digit decimal string, used in link anchors and public data) and a team-specific private identifier (a 32-digit hexadecimal string, used to submit traces and update profiles). Be sure to record the team public and private identifiers after registering. If a team loses its private identifier, then the team should contact the contest organizers from the originally registered team e-mail address.

Alternative Method

For teams wishing to automate registration, the following curl command template can be used:

The response will be a JSON object with a "result" key having the value "success" or "failure". If the "result" key has the value "failure", then the JSON object will have a "msg" key having a string value describing the error. If the "result" key has the value "success", then the JSON object will have "name", "email", "publicID", "privateID", and "timestamp" keys, each with string values.